Bring a Friend Songtext
von Happy Mondays

Bring a Friend Songtext

Upped and leave my home,
Left a message on the answerin' phone
You said Whipped through your cash,
Through a porno moustache
Bought a kipper tie and a ticket to fly
Now i'm walking with a swagger,
Going deep down with my dagger

(Scene one, take one)

Clio and her sister Rio, were watching through the keyhole
Make your way in, rub up your skin
Let the scene begin

Well i might be the honky,
But i'm hung like a donkey
So i'm tied to a bed,
With a pussy on my head
Surrounded by ugly girls
There's no rust on me,
I don't thrust or breathe
You can see me on page 1 to a hundred and three
Now the rules of my occupation,
I say yes in every situation
You keep an undone fly
Let your nosebag dry
So come on in,
Grease up the skin
Make me seed again, two, two, bring a friend

Don't need no concentration,
My pelvis is my inspiration
And you run out to work and my tie needs a jerk
I live in a house that's made out of dirt
Clio and her sister Rio, we're rubbin through the keyhole
Then we're makin loud grunts their three little c**ts
And the action started again
So come on in, grease up your skin
Make a scene begin, go go, go go go go

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