Familiar Taste of Poison Songtext
von Halestorm

Familiar Taste of Poison Songtext

Drink the wine, my darling, you said
Take your time, consume all of it
But the roses were only to drain my inspiration
The promises were spoiled before they left your lips and...
I breathe you again just to feel you
Underneath my skin, holding on to
The sweet escape is always laced with a familiar taste of poison
I tell myself that you're not good for me
I wish you well, but desire never leaves
I could fight this til the end
But maybe I don't want to win
I don't wanna be saved, I don't wanna be sober
I want you on my mind, in my dreams behind these eyes
And I won't wake up, no not this time.
A familiar taste of poison

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Eins der besten Lieder, die ich je gehört hab.

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