Initiate Songtext
von Haken

Initiate Songtext

Love and pain
Engage your senses
And let them carve the way

Give me
(Give me)
My view

Live here and now
I forever or never

I observe a world jarring in turmoil
A million people waging war at the hands of a god
And I can hear them cry
Cold fires blazing before me
An affliction fast consuming
Fascinating me

You'll be
The live and the death of me
(The unknown)

We'll make this dream
Last forever or never
Tears will run dry
From my everwandering eye
But I'm prepared to stay
'Till my dying day!

I've seen things you won't believe
In tomorrow's memories

I'll do things you can't concieve
(Open the flooded gates)
(All the colours haven't changed)
(Let them be about initiate)
(All my senses are engaging)
There'll be no strings on me
(Open the flooded gates)
(All the coming of the plane)
(Let them be about initiate)
(All my senses are engaging)

(This could) Tell me
(Change me) How does it feel to breathe
(Fallen) I
(Follow) Initiate

I'm drifting (Drifting)
Deeper (Deeper)
Into (Into)
The unknown

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It's "conceive", not "concieve"

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