Repellent Songtext
von Hail the Sun

Repellent Songtext

Auras I detect
Feeling us connect
Decimation medication fix
'Cause I gotta try to shake this off
Mental moat rocks the boat of progress

What do you do every chance you get?
Call me on my shit
Overstate it, meditated tricks
Leading tone!
In the moment you see red
In the mirror I see dread

Then I get it, that I'm invested
I'm the culprit and I resent it
Social defect
I detest it
(Keeping distance!)
So I'm staying alone

Brief interaction
Is ideally the way that I choose for it to stay
Quick dissolution
If the stated rule above is threatened

Am I who I want to be?
I don't say half of what I mean
Could I see my name on your grave?
Am I wrong to feel it out that way?

Oil in water
See, what comes next defines the context
I just don't know
I just...
I really like the way that things have landed

I hate it when you call me on my shit
In the moment you see red
I see dread

I attested that I'm invested
I'm the culprit and I resent it
Social defect
I detest it
Keeping distance!
So I'm staying alone

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