What King King Songtext
von Gucci Mane

What King King Songtext

Yeaaaahhhhh, pussy, ok it's a war right now
Pussy, I know you a pussy though
Fake ass nigga, snack cake ass nigga
Nigga it's Gucci nigga, you know how I rock nigga
You know this shit real over here nigga
Stupid diamonds nigga, that's all I talk about nigga
We So Icey, pussy, pussy, pussy, pussy, pussy
Nigga you a pussy, aww man, nigga pussy shawty
(East Atlanta stand up nigga)

What kinda king do a birthday bash in the middle of the summer with some fucking leather pants?
What kinda nigga skeet in a slut bitch that every rapper hit, suck everybody dick?
What kinda king try to spark up beef then apologize for it on national T.V.?
It's the best homeboy trynna be so hard
I'm a grown ass man you a lil bitty boy
What street nigga wear a three piece suit with cuff-links, ties and double back shoes?
Say it ain't so, nah say it ain't you
Bitch nigga I be on Bankhead more than you do
I'm a East Atlanta hard head respect my crew
And respect my grind bitch we gotta eat too
Say you gotta click of fools, all my goons well paid

I'm a So Icey boss, all the soldiers well trained

It's Gucci nigga!!
What it do?
East Atlanta, that's round 1 baby
I got you, I got this lightweight man
Featherweight ass nigga man
Fuck wrong with this nigga?

Lil pussy ass boy, you a pussy nigga
Pussy ass

What kinda nigga post a hundred thousand bail
Same day his album drop, man they let him out his cell
What kinda nigga don't need no deal
No money no cars just to show he real
What kinda nigga is you, you lil lizard lip
Lil junior aka the monkey in the middle
TIP tell TI to step it up a little
Cause the boy too little and his bones to brittle
Biaatch! say it just like Short

Napoleon complex cause he so short
Gotta pot gotta fork got some back up in New York
I'm a So Icey judge pussy let's hold court


Bleh bleh bleh bleh
Throw up on the track on this pussy nigga
Awww man, you get stupid on that one
Real stupid on that one Waka

The king wanna battle me, pussy wanna handle me
Schizophrenic child with a split personality
TI will you please tell TIP, I got a new 40 with a 30 round clip
When I see him and he move I'm a shot him off the rip
Trynna spark rap beef that's how people get killed
Gucci bigger than him, the fight not fair
We can start it over here, but we can end it over there

I'm in Magic City shawty see me swang in the chair
Yeahhh, it's Gucci Mane La Flare
Up in Magic City shawty see me swag in the chair
Yeahhh, it's some pussies over there

Yeaaahhhh pussy, pussy, snack cake, snack cake
Deer meat, deer meat, sweet ass nigga
You're like motherfucking deer meat, nigga you sweet nigga
Better yet you're like bear meat, cause you're not tough nigga
Get a little, little little fork, little knife cut this little beef up
Eat this little beef

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