Dead End Songtext
von Gucci Mane

Dead End Songtext

I'm in a trap boy
Matching for a dead end
Witht them young nigger
Gotta bust your end in
A got a trap house matching
And a fucking code a set
And I'm peaking at the people AK
With the shoulder scrap
Had to fit in
It's a dead end
I heard the feds on me
You can to
A dead end
They heard that Gucci nigger
Bust that nigger head in
And I ain't got no problem handcuffing a dead man

Lot of time I was seen in a red benz
With a redbone bitch
And her red friend
And still don't want me nigger
I go war with twenty nigger
And all black, low cut
Like a ninger nigger
I'm in the butler bar
Spot, by your mamma house
I heard your mom was calling the cops
So now I'm moving out
The folks on me
Imma turn into a hundred hoe
I'm in the kitchen
Whoppin a chicken
Like you walk from home

RIP to Dunky, was a dear friend
HOS for aero music
That's a dead end
Abort that mission
If that shit don't bring no bread in
I say I'm broke, cause when you stuck
They bring the feds in
The way I bawl
I think I should pay for the redskins
See in the streets
Ain't no such thing as a best friend
You shopping limits
My niggers will be at the west end
I'm outta space
Like I'm related to the jet skis

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