Ain't It Crazy (The Rub) Songtext
von Grateful Dead

Ain't It Crazy (The Rub) Songtext

Man got the rub on, sister got the rub
They're goin' around doing the rub
The rub, ain't it crazy, ain't it crazy?
Ain't it crazy one day keep on rubbin' that thing?

Two old ladies was lying around in bed
One turned over and this is what she said
"Mama tell the chicken, her body was a duck
Put him on the table with his feet sticking up"

Two old ladies, playing in the sand
Each one wishing the other was a man
Well, I see that woman goin' behind the hill
I'm gonna find that girl, I'm gonna do my will

Well, I feel so good, well, I feel so fine
All I gotta do is drink that wine
I say, the little old rooster called the little old hen
He said, he had no lungs, ain't got no wing

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