Forever Songtext
von Graham Central Station

Forever Songtext

We don′t live forever. All folks must pass away... people say.
They just don't know better,
That′s why they say there's no Judgement Day.
But we're all libel to read the Bible
′Cause it′s the only truth that will lead us to eternal life.
God has the power and knows the hour
That some will eat from the tree of life.
Just look in Revelation 21:4 when death and pain will be no more.
And as for the nations,
The Lamb said you'll see, when God strikes down wrathfully.
They′ll see.
He tried to tell them that satan sells them on
Dreams that only the mentally blind professes to see.
But they'll go under,
With satan′s blunder and paradise they won't live to see.

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