Keep up the Fight Songtext
von Gowan

Keep up the Fight Songtext

When the bell rings
I feel emotion in my feet
My head is reeling
My heart is pumping to a beat
My face bleeds with desire
My soul feeds the fire
Keep up the fight

When the storm hits
I feel my head begin to spin
You come on so strong
And I can feel you start to win, do me in
When I fall the pain starts to scream
But you won't crush my dream
Keep up the fight

I often wonder
Should I yell for help
But now I know
I'm in it for myself
You want to hear me say you beat me
Delete me, defeat me
Oh, no

I've been knocked down
I've been dragged out before
But you can't hold me
I pick myself up from the floor
Come on, give me more
I'm here and I've come here to win
I'll never give in
Keep up the fight

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