Wingful of Eyes Songtext
von Gong

Wingful of Eyes Songtext

There is a feeling we all know
Something happened long ago
When you remember who you were
Makes you what you are today
You are a kite upon the wind
Blowing through eternity
And you were always meant to fly
You are a wingful of eyes

And you rise
And you're floating in ecstasy
And your eyes
And your eyes are open wide
You'll be dancing to the seven skies
Your eyes are wise, you're wise, you're wise
Your eyes, and you rise...

Learning to turn our fears into hopes
Turning, it's turning the angeless we long for
And a great wind is blowing, it's sowing love
The seed of a new age
And the seed that they're sowing, it's showing us
How we will, will, will be...
Now we're learning how to live to love
To live to love to live
Love to live to love to live
To live love – live love, live love love

Why is the pussy in our well?
Mustn't be the cat that fell
Where can we find our heart's desire
Living in the fire?
There was a lion in our glen
Who met a unicorn
Now you were always meant to fly
You are a wingful of eyes

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