Dance with the Pixies Songtext
von Gong

Dance with the Pixies Songtext

I′m the queen of the animal world
I speak the language of the wild
I hear the whisper of the horse
I know the wisdom of the child

The good witch Yoni is her name
I have met you in a dream
You will find her down beside the sea
Dancing with the pixies

I know myself through plants and trees
Out there somewhere, my secret be
Living in the forest by the tree
Brewing up the spaceman tea
He he heeeeeee
Find the Green Man if you can
Good witch Yoni there you am
She makes spells with the wild man by the sea
Dancing with the pixies

From tiger to cat from wolf to dog
Messengers coming to clear the fog
Birdsong creates geometry
Different angles speak to me

With no fear you never lie
See the message in the sky
The signatures of nature never die
They're dancing with the pixies

Living in the treehouse by the ocean
Dogs and birds bring original notions
Animal magick brings to me
Things I never thought I′d see

She says follow your own voice
Not mine drink your tea, and start to climb
Leave your body back home when you come
Dancing with the pixies

I will always spike my tea
With pixie wit and intelligent glee
I sing the the language of the wind
Animal song with riddums on skin

She has secrets no one knows
She discovered long ago
Those who dance not know not what we know
Dancing with the pixies

Find the green man if you can
The good witch yoni there you am
She makes the spells with the wild men by the sea
Dancing with the pixies

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