When I Die Songtext
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When I Die Songtext

When I die, I need a hundred bitches to call my phone
When I die, I need my babygirl to come back home
When I die, I hope (sgthj) gon' take my throne
When I die, I hope my momma get to read that poem
When I die, I just want my father to apologize
When I die, I hope my ex don't uncover my lies
When I die, I wonder if Que gonna live through me

Before I die, somebody tell Sango that I need that beat
See, I'm just crazy nigga who found out how to live life sober
See, I ain't have to smoke no ganja, I just told a bitch to come over

That's a problem all in itself, yeah nigga, man, I need some help
Who taught me to be that nigga? Nobody, I'm that nigga all by myself

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