U Say Songtext
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U Say Songtext

Push out your back, put ya butt in it
Wanna love you, but I do not wanna commit
So I dance with ya with the thought of us fuckin'
We dancin' up in the corner, feeling for the corner pockets
So I ease your roll for just a bit, uh
Buy your drink, you have a sip, uh
Then I tell you we should dip
You grabbin' me close and closer 'til you get a kiss
Push up your bra to the left, that's right
Now we in a car with a broke brake light
Thinking 'bout the ass, the lake, the heat, the sex
The whip, the finger falling, why didn't we dip out?

You say (Mhm) y'wanna (Uh-huh) party all day
You say you needed lovin' from me
You say y'wanna (Yeah), party (Yeah), all day (Yeah)
You say you needed (Yeah, yeah)
So why waste time? (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
So why waste time? (Yeah, yeah)
So why waste time? (Yeah)
Why waste time? (Time, waste time)

Your boyfriend pissed off
Smackin' his lips off
The fact my lips are covered in your lip gloss
I say we should dip off out of here
Talk, speak, share some words, grab a ear
Nah, you can't take off, unless you leave your amigo
Swallow your pride and put aside your ego
Man, fuck bein' modest, I'm just bein' honest
You seem home-cooked and them buns McDonald's
But (Yeah), now, the bid is off (Woo)
Niggas always dip and they duck the sauce (Yeah)
Rocks on my neck, I don't know the cost (Nah)
Car out front like the Uber, Uber (Skrrt)
We can hop in, and you can top ten
The list that I wanted to hop in (Wait)
List is full, so I'ma call it a night (Ah)
And you ain't even my type
I'm all bark, no bite, I'm so sorry (You say y'wanna)
Wasted time, I wasted time
Why you dutty wine, it's whatever (Yeah, you say)
You sweatin' drips upon my sweater (My sweater)
It's hot in here, the outside's better (Yeah)
I'm leavin', leavin', you call me back, it's like emotions recedin'
Let's call it an evening, it's gettin' desperate, yeah

So why waste time?
You say y'wanna party all day
You say you needed lovin' from me (Yeah)

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