Planet Paradise Songtext
von GoldLink

Planet Paradise Songtext

(Oh, GoldLink. Spank me like you hate me)
Welcome to Planet Paradise, where we have the best arts in the Milky Way
Your baby daddy's back... Oh, God, shout out to the Squaaad
Real niggas dying every day; we pray to God

See, I rock GoldLink with my fur black mink
Scottsdale beep, kick it with a low-down freak
Got her wildin pop pop, off to college, got her hollerin'
Calling out my name, unless she really says she all up in
Push the chang out, brought my kick game out
Brought it back to 96, the first 12s came out
Had to call my niggas, coolin' it with my kickers
Had to call my connect, had to show my respect
And we next to take the throne. Now I gotta keep up
Bad bitch keeper, I don't think I deserve
But I gotta keep her. eat her like my desert
But I'm cooling it with my niggas on the reefer
Used to Pac compare me, but I beg to differ
Flow, shift, switch, got a tame it like a bitch
I hit, I split that shit, lickidy whip
I went straight in, who can go in like me?
Rockin' and rockin' up on the beat
And my neighbors hit my door cause they hear me when they sleep
Fuck with the elite, while I kick it, Bruce Lee
Fuck a CMB, I'm circled with the winners of the DMV
Flip the torch ad well of course I had to take yo bitch, nigga
You was loafin', I was pimpin'. then I ask myself
Mirror mirror on the wall
How many sucka mother fuckas do I call and
Let the sun rise as I go to sleep
I hit the creep creep on the late night with your bitch
Fucked her on yo bed while I skeeted on yo sheets
And I'm so discreet, beat it by the beat
Tell my nigga, please

Gimme the gimme the bucks and Imma stuff them in my trunk
And Imma hit em with that 40 clip cal pump
What the fuck is up Nigga? Fuck your whole team
Done taking shots; living lavish my team
Never sell a dream. Shit ain't what it seems
Popping and popping and load a pistol steady cocking at you demons
While you're trying to catch my semen
I ain't into twatching and the tweeting and you're cheatin'
Rather catch your ass slippin' in the streets, approach the scene
And then I cuff ya, I bust ya
Rolling up the tree and then I cuff ya, I snuff ya
Fucking up your waves, cut off all your dreads
Then you catch your girl up in the alley giving head
Shit is crazy when you beefing. Don't cry, dry your eyes
The hero's here, nigga. Now the city's all mine
Flow go through your spine. Never wine and dine
You heard the last song so you know the bitch is fine

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