Fuck Being Polite Songtext
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Fuck Being Polite Songtext

I got beautiful badder bitches and hoes in area codes
And women who stripping naked and want to see me at shows
My proper posture so proper my Glock would poppity pop ya
Rollin that titticaca, get comfortable in mi casa
And if your mama a MILF, I'ma put my dick in your mama
Then you call me your papa; then we have baby shower
Hit Sam up for that sour, nigga, why you so sour?
Get the coochie from California, hoes don't give her flowers
That's real shit, for instance
I get get my dick licked
Bad bitch with phat ass, with blonde hair extensions
Fuck you I hit licks. I talk bout real shit
Don't sip that lean shit, we smoke blue dream shit
Nigga, I'm so coocoo. Shoot two, THU THU!
Pop pop, nigga, boom boom
Corn rows and a Bluetooth
Living and bouncing that go go
Still no love for these hoes, doe
Bottle ace and that rose gold
Bounce that ass for my kinfolk

Understand who I fucking be
Got a fucking problem? Don't fuck with me
I'm gold
Yeah, that young nigga who nice
Best mothafucker who be running with da knife
AK, nigga, make way or I might
Blow, stab, kill, choke, kill hoes
Blow hoes, nigga pop, nigga gone
Where them ho niggas at now?
Where them mother fucking ho niggas at now?
We spit rounds
Love my town
West side, nigga West side for the pound
PCP, we so loud
Trippy medicine that we hitting right now
And we so cool and I'm so rude
Fuck ass niggas that I used to go to school
With, bitch. I don't have to holla at a bitch
I'm a real nigga with the shits
Thots, shots, throw a lot of money in the air
And we gonna watch it fall down
Sing it one time
Throw a lot of money in the air
And we gonna watch it fall down
Got my niggas. We blood hounds
West side, nigga, West side for the
P, pound

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