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CNTRL Songtext

Lose me, baby, lose me, baby
Lost my mind, I'm crazy
Baby baby, your body
My body, one body
Gettin money, becoming shallow
I need jesus, she going down low
Jehovah jirah, my provider
You the leader, improviser
Funny thing is, I was lost
Lost my soul, yeah that's the cost
If I'm the worker and you're the boss
Then Imma go and get this money
Lose my mind and lose control

Ride the wave, become a slave
Full control, baby. On the road, baby
Road to riches, diamond rings
Chains, everything is wrong
But it's all so right to me
Spirit just ain't right with me
Pretty bitch who wear a thong
All the girls gon sing your song
Millions always looking up to you
And they're going to choose your song
Being fake and getting by
Touching every model's thigh
Be at all the parties
Eating shrimp and always smoking right

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