Ay Ay Songtext
von GoldLink

Ay Ay Songtext

Got bitches up in VA
I'm the next mothafucka with the juice
Hang a hating ass nigga with a noose
And I pop more bands, than you pop your collar
And I pop that deuce, my bitch is so bad
And my bitch is so black, and my bitch ain't a bitch
But my bitch is a fifth, holding my shit
All in my coat, selling that dope
Cause my mama was broke, and my bitches don't love me
Used to be down with GLJ
Don't play around, when they play arounds
All my niggas spit rounds, and my hoes go down like
Bae, fuck slow
Finger lick the clit, I said so
So do what I tell you to do
Go down, and then I tell you to bow so...

Bounce that ass for my kinfolk

She knows I'm going all crazy, when I'm diving all in that pussy
My baby doll, my only one, my only girl that I'm screwin'

Badass nigga with a college bitch
Wanna move her to the metropolitan
I'm still robbin', and I'm still sinnin'
And I don't give a fuck, and I'm still that villian
I'm a gold grill nigga with a black ski mask
And the high-grade weed and a fucked up past
Fuck old shit, I'mma make this last
I'mma make this last and I'm wearin' all black like...

(Here come the men in black
They won't let you remember)

(You are listening to the God Complex)

Bounce that, bounce that, bounce that ass for my kinfolk
Spread your fucking cheeks, bounce that ass for my kinfolk
Bounce that ass, bounce, bounce that ass, bounce
Shake your little ass faster, shake your little ass faster

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