Break My Fall Songtext
von Golden Coast

Break My Fall Songtext

We are the young and the future
We are the people you'll talk about
Don't care if it doesn't suit you
The temperature you can't live without

Oh, the tides are turning now
Building a bridge you can't burn down

Oh no, we can't help it
Oh no, we just want it all
Go, go, something's calling
Oh, we're running through the walls
And I don't need you to break my fall

Break my fall

We are the rogue and the reckless
So come along or be left behind
We got the dream infectious
One look ahead might leave you blind

Oh, we're shaking the ground you're walking on
So get up off of that fence, come along

Break my fall
Break my fall

Ain't no other secret like the one I got
Why you wanna settle if you never fought for more, for more
Looking for a river that I haven't crossed
Follow my sound, you won't be lost no more

Break my fall
Break my fall
Break my fall

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