Eyes Bleached Songtext
von God Mother

Eyes Bleached Songtext

Building your walls up to indulge, destroy
Primitive overhead
Cold as stone
In a brief moment divulge
By clarity sight unfurls

Freedom cannot live while their world is kept flat

Now from the rust that is your tongue

You ridiculed the own thought
Following stream uniformed
Preciously wasted in absence of warmth

Your silence has shown nothing but weakness

You are stuck
Scrutinised appearance
Nothing growing in the right direction

By what hammer, what chain
Dare face the blame?
Dare seize the shame?

We are at each others throats for this

Locked up in tunnel vision
We are chasing time like sand
Slipping away barricaded in hate
Misstepping in fearing the unknown
Between structures and past where dim hearts will grow

Caved in
Fewer to see.

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