Pretty on the Inside Songtext
von God Bullies

Pretty on the Inside Songtext

Eze ndi eze
Idighi agbanwe agbanwe
If not for your grace
I would have been lost and gone
Eze ndi Eze
Ikariri Ihe anyi si na ibu
The reason am alive
Is just to worship you

From age to ages
(Idighi agbanwe agbanwe)
You never never change
Chim o
When I call on you
(Idighi agharipu)
Ocean divider
Odighi onye dika gi
He's the king of all kings

When I think of all you've done for me oh God
My mouth won't be enough
To say I'm grateful
When I look around and see the beauty
My words won't be enough
To say you're wonderful.
Lord I will never forget how you raised me up
I will never forget
How you wiped my tears
I will never forget
How you brought my feet back
Odighi onye dika
Idighi agbanwe agbanwe
Repeat 1&2
Now lift your voice
(Bulie elu elu Eze ndi Eze)
Jehova akam di n'elu
Osimiri atata
Bulie bulie
Lion of the tribe of Judea
Agam akporo gi isi na ala
Bulie, eh, Eze ndi Eze, Eze….

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