My Own Town Songtext
von Glen Phillips

My Own Town Songtext

They all went away and left me alone
And now there's nobody around anymore
Just this big empty house, big empty street
In a big empty town and a big empty state

The radio is dead and the streets are blocked off
And I've been smashing windows, trying to get lost
And I read a few books but it just made me sad
Nobody to talk to about what I read

Heaven knows why I'm around
Heaven knows what keeps me here
There is nothing that can keep me down
There is nothing left to fear
It's my town now, my own town
Yeah, it's my town now
But I wish you were here

I'm wondering if I should learn how to fly
A police helicopter would be a good way to die
I'd be a fireball come crashin', leavin' nothing but ashes
A bald spot on the globe like nothing ever had happened here


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