Beyond The Fields We Know Songtext
von Glass Hammer

Beyond The Fields We Know Songtext

Long years ago I traveled
Upon a road that led me
To fields of battle far from home
And that is where you'll find me
Though I don't know why
They say the war is over
They say we are at peace now
They say I should be heading home
But I have lost my way now
Though I try and try

At the end of a winding lane
Where sunlight paints the meadows
Where winter seems a distant memory
There is a safe, familiar home
The table's set, the bed is turned
And standing there, the girl I long to see
She waits for me

Do not cry for me my friends
I'm not amongst the fallen
I've got some scars as you can see
But I"m alive as any man could be
I won't complain
I climb down in the trenches still
Or walk the battered roadsides
I search for relics of the war
In craters on the hillsides
Where my friends were slain

At the end of a winding lane
Where sunlight paints the meadows
And every tree is etched in memory
My home is over there you see
And one day I will find it
And see again those smiles that used to be
Only for me

The grass is growing green upon the fields
The sun, a shining glory in the sky
But I went dark, and I'll be having none of that
And so the days wear on, and so the days wear on

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