Glass Animals
Glass Animals Quelle: Universal Music/©Pooneh Ghana

Hazey (Stripped) Songtext
von Glass Animals

Hazey (Stripped) Songtext

Your baby′s falling, you know I'm talking now
You know I′m dancing, you know I'm racing round
You know you're so juiced, you said you kicked the booze
You know I′ll get boomed, you know that I′m just a boy

Come back baby, don't you cry
Don′t you drain those big blue eyes
I've been crawling
Come back baby, don′t you cry
Just you say the reason why
I keep calling you

You say I'm balling, I say I′m begging why
You take my photo, I fake my breaking smile
And I'm fucking loco, I can't get through to you
You told you knows you, spark up and I can go

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