Tripped The Light Fantastic Songtext
von Gin Palace

Tripped The Light Fantastic Songtext

Pitch black under the growing selfishness of devotion
Sundown loves to hush frail hearts as they beat
Ah-ah alright - I can never fathom the peacefulness which nightfall brings
Under this bright moon are the pretty little sparrows on the eaves

In - Hindsight oh, the stars they tripped the light fantastic
We find ourselves among the vigorous young leaves of your mind
Innocence no longer constrained to be the fuel for desire
Another sleepless night with our eyes wide, rolling with the tides

Haunting whispers are oozing from the walls at midnight
Murmurs full of life but they′re all resigned to defeat
A taste of red, oh, it's purple to the holy - plastic preachers confess their desires
Indecision and decisions prevail to be the fruits for their pyres

I was thinking that your spiteful side hides behind a vacant smile
And I was fated to be faded with you
You stutter and you stammer as you′re hopelessly entangled in what you create
You say, "Oh, what great fiction I'll mould from this terrible fate, now, goodbye"

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