Shooting Star Songtext
von Gene Clark

Shooting Star Songtext

You were born into the storm
Cast adrift upon a wave
To be living and make life begin
Like the ancient mystic ship
Bounding seaward toward the sun
Becomes a cosmic dancer in the wind
Stars that shine and rains that swirls
Sparkling sands of endless worlds
Driven by the thought that men are free
Love that makes and breaks a man
Memories fade and new ones stand
And another ship bounds through the sea
Like in dreams sometimes it's so confusing to change
When you move from where you have been
To where you have come
Like in life when you look in to a child's eyes
They see it's all very clear
It's near and then gone
Before the rising of the sun
Before the whirling winds were stirred
Before the simple rhymes of men were sung
Before the age of hate and pride
Before we laughed, before we cried
We were all contained and then begun

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