The Girl Who Fell to Earth Songtext
von Gaz Coombes

The Girl Who Fell to Earth Songtext

The girl who fell to earth
She gets her kicks from science
It's hard to see, it's not enough
When you're blinded by computer love
So tear it down and play it rough
You don't mean to mess it up
How I wish we could start over
You wear your elastic heart on your chewed up sleeve
First you cry and then you laugh
You're like a circle, cut in half
Another night of broken sleep
I'll comfort you, I'll warm your dreams
But you've still got time, my warrior child
When the storm starts it's only on the outside
At times we couldn't see the light
We only wipe our tears dry
I know you're there, I know it's you
The girl inside is breaking through
The girl who fell to earth

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