For All We Know Songtext
von Gary Willis

For All We Know Songtext

As we all know
We will shine up on that star
You will shower your love
God, you're beautiful
You told me you will be there for me I feel your love 'coz i do believe I see you smile down on me
To Love... To Learn... To Live

You taght us how to love A nd you taught us how to live.God you know that is true All our belief is in you We are shining high Lots of academy
To Love To Learn To Live
Lots of Academy To shine up on that star.You will shower your bliss Lord you're wonderful Our dreams are sky high We climb the ladder up to the sky... This corridoor that fragrant rose taught us how...
To Love... To Learn To Live

Forever love.

Together we shall grow Our teachers showed us how Carry us along with you... Forever more... You taught us how

To Love... To learn.To Live(3)
Forever Love...

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