One Night Stand Songtext
von Garfunkel and Oates

One Night Stand Songtext

I never do this ever
It′s not what shy girls do
But something in your eyes
Drew me closer to you

Do you feel the spark between us
Sometimes you can just tell
I feel our two souls touching
Like I know you really well

This might be strange to tell you
And I swear I'm not a whore
But there are 206 bones in my body
And I′d really like one more

I'm like Fred Flinstone
I make your bed rock
You're like a parking ticket so fine
Jean Claude Van DAMN you′re sexy
Let′s get horizontal and combine

Cause you're fine, you′re so FINE
Oh baby you're so fine, you′re so fine
You blow my mind HEY!!!
You can call me coffee bean
Cause I know just how to grind HEY!!!

Your right leg's Thanksgiving
Your left is Christmas
Gonna visit in between the holidays
Energizer bunny keep going and going
We′ve struck up a match and I set you ablaze

Cause you're fine, you're so FINE
Oh baby you′re so fine, you′re so fine
You blow my mind HEY!!!
You can call me coffee bean
Cause I know just how to grind HEY!!!

Shoot would you look the time
Gotta go, this has been fun, hey!
Lots to do in the morning
Gotta help my friend move
Gotta do my taxes
Gotta check my e-mail
Plus it's Arbor Day, hey!
Where the hell did I put my bra, Oh... HEY!

Wait what, you think we′re dating
However could that be
Cause we just had sex
And it meant nothing (at all) to me

How could we be dating if we never held hands
We held onto the bedpost but we never held hands
You got inside my body, but you didn't reach my heart
We raced right to the finish but I guess we missed the start
There′s no way we were dating cause we never helds

How could we be dating if you never took me out, ooh
No whisper of sweet nothings
You just made me scream and shout, ooh
There was no love ambition but you taught me new positions on the way
The Jackson Pollack, The Pearl Harbor
The moon landing

You may know my body,
You don't know my soul
You want the donut
But all you′re gonna get is the hole

Listen babe I'd call you
And probably real soon
But I lost my cell
And I'll be out of town ′til June

I guess I didn′t mention
My band's going on tour
So I′ll be super busy
Otherwise we'd date for sure
Cause it was... so great

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