Can I Get Paid (Get Your Broke Ass Out) (Da Strippers’ Anthem) Songtext
von Gangsta Boo

Can I Get Paid (Get Your Broke Ass Out) (Da Strippers’ Anthem) Songtext

(Juicy J, DJ Paul)
Hypnotize Minds Entertainment presents...
Gangsta Boo baby, once again its on
Yeah we in a shake joint
We gone show ya how she do it in a shake too boy
Get'cha, get'cha, get'cha, get'cha broke ass out boy

(Gangsta Boo)
Why you up in the club wit no money, trying to see a little ass
Muthafucker give me sumethin' to see me twerk
Make my butt cheeks clap to the beat
Give ya girl a nice fee I take ya to the VIP
We can shake, smoke, and roll, out of control
Oops I feel ya hard, licking in ya ear
Ya hear me moaning for it, taking charge
If ya be the broke ones, you can leave the fucking club
If ya be the baller spending money show a lady love
See you at the bar looking at another nigga dance (ooh-wee)
Hell naw boy get ya own dance
DJ play my song, -Where dem dollars at- by Gangsta Boo
Plus another southern diva Mia X is coming too
We don't like dem boys who be all up in our face brah
We don't like dem boys who ain't spending no money brah
We ain't got no time for y'all muthafucking broke ass niggas in the club
If ya ain't tipping get the fuck out bitch

(Hook: repeat 2X)
Get ya broke ass out the club if ya ain't gone tip (2x)
Can I get paid nigga, can I get paid (2x)

I be rapping for my lady's in the club get ya money
It be funny how a nigga acting stingy wit they money
Why do you be in the club, you make it harder for a thug
That be spending all they money, popping bottles, smoking bud
You know how it is in the spot, everbody pussy high
If you talking big cheese, meet me in the parking lot
I will turn you niggas out, they call me, "Chocolate Melt in yo Mouth"
Bring ya rollies, its our family, come on in, I'm up on the house
Fuck what you other hoes say, you be dykin' anyway
You just mad cause I didn't let you eat my pussy yesterday
If you bitches wanna pay that's all good wit me
I ain't scared to dance for nobody spending they cheese
It be those coming at my job nigga just to look
If you wanna stare you need to get a muthafucking Playboy book
You really need to tip or get you broke ass out
I ain't dancing for free, fuck what you talking bout


Can I get paid playa, can I get paid
I know that's you on twenty's who I saw up in the Escalade
Ask ya boy do he want a dance, ohh he look hi'
(Female): "Ay you wanna dance baby?"
(Nigga): "Naw, naw I'm cool baby"
Ain't no money in the club, damn that shit is fucked up
I got bills to pay, but a sista gonna suck it up
If its a good night, I can easy make a thousand daily
If they bring the bustas they proverted keep ya mouth away
Hit the, hit the stage, bring it, bring it on to the flo'
Stick the money in my lace strap if you want a show
I'm a private dancer, be yo love slave for a while
Most niggas trip, when you diss, tip 'em wit they eyes
Flawging ass niggas really muthafuck'n kill me
How you gonna disrespect a muthafuck'n lady
Why you in the club when you ain't spending no cheese
Get yo ass out till you ready to spend some money


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