So Much Confusion Songtext
von Galliano

So Much Confusion Songtext

On the last breeze of summer as the dusk comes down
I'm sittin on my roof and checkin' for the clan
a whistle from the street look down upon Mr C
He says he's bound West accompained by me
I tell him I'm static and I'll see yer later
He's on his way an urban navigator
Night starts droppin' but I don't see no stars
Moon lives on a promise and the smell of the cars
Listen for the silence but i just hear a noise
follow the darkness deppe into the night
but not a man can see so i snatch a funky flight
like the autumn lraves directed by the wind
fallen from tree so it must have meant i sinned
following the river deep into the hills

don't delay for nothing as you know time kills

Tomorrow started shouting
don't you turn around

problems they ain't hiding
and solutions they can't be found (rpt)

On the first winter wind a mind floats heaven sent
looking down now upon the roof and the tenement
mother is watching with a borrowed pair of eyes
the eagles they're protecting us in the Western skies!
Mankind distress by his own hand
the dust of deceit is blowing through the land
untought thoughts and unsaid words
the people feel safer if they're traveling in herds
action speaks louder you set light the powder
another year older and your child is getting bloder
reliance on a science that needs our compliance
but that's no way to live your day
who can we trust if we can't trust ourself
contradiction eating up all the nation health
dark rain dropping out the western skies
dry tear a droppin' out the baby's eyes

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