Mirror Songtext
von G Herbo feat. Lil Bibby

Mirror Songtext

Ayy look Bibby, we gotta take ′em back to what we know man,
What's real
That street shit, look

I come from where it′s rob or be robbed, kill or be killed
The main goal just try and get home like Wrigley Field
Shells old, pop out revolvers, they hittin' me still
Can't trust a soul, they act like you owe ′em, don′t hit 'em be still

I say I rap shit I really done did, really done lived
Every time I step in the booth I tell ′em the truth
Glock forty with the clip, hangin' out the bottom
You get faced with these problems tryna make it from the bottom

Hollows pop soon as we spot ′em
Spin the block, I think we got 'em
Street nigga hustle, war is all I know, that′s how I'm rockin'
Ten thousand in the pipe, the size my phone inside my pocket
Always cock it, I know niggas plottin′
Pray I won′t drop 'em with everybody watching

Young nigga all about a profit
And I post up on the block with them goblins
Lil nigga starvin′, lookin' like a target
If we see a stain then we gon′ rob 'em, ayy
I was tryna stack a lil green, go hard for the team, live a young nigga dream
I swear these young niggas they′ll probably go crazy if they seen all the shit that I've seen

Thirty clips, fifty clips, new MAC 11's, AK47′s with beams
Pull up on your block and straight to the scene
Purposeful aim is a thing
And now we get money, might blow out a beans
Used to just hop out the veen
Been rocking designer way before a teen
Triple OG the brand new miskeen

And I just might pull up in that new Merseen, I used to post up like a king
Herbo like Magic, I told him to pass it, I come with the hook like Kareem
You fuckin′ with bosses, I can't take no losses, if you double cross me you better be cautious
I′m going crazy, I think I done lost it
Talkin' ′bout money then step in my office

Pop me a perc, roll a Wood, now I'm off it
Me and Bibby in LA fuckin′ the booth up, it's three in the morning
And my outfit be always Givenchy and Balmain, my belt got Medusas
Got your bitch in my whip, gone off Patron and Hookah, and pourin' the juices up
And my shawty ′nem searchin′, they riding with Rugers, they ready to shoot somethin'
In a Corvette, two gas, ride with the roof back like fuck nigga do somethin′
Bitches see me, go, "who dat?"
Yeah, big G Herbo, that nigga don't do that
Fuck bitches, get money, already knew that
Play with No Limit like play Russian roulette
Real nigga drew that, Nino from NuJack

These Hollywood dudes wanna kick it
But I′d rather chill with my niggas
I'd rather post up in the trenches
I just fit in with the killers
I come from where shit′d get serious
Niggas be lying on wax, I ain't feelin' ′em
Can′t rap about shit you not livin' it
You should not spit the shit, you did not witness it
I use to post up with the green
Servin′ the fiends, smokin' and sniffin′ shit
Totin' them Glocks with the beams, roll let it ring
It boost my adrenaline
Niggas be all in they feelings
They actin′ like bitches, I swear they so feminine
Play with my niggas, get burned up
They be so turnt up like they did so Ritalin

Pull through the opps like some villians
Nobody innocent, hop out and finish 'em
Niggas ain't give us the benefit
Don′t care his age, if he bangin′ we killin' him
And I grew up a lil hustler
Bumped to a plug, started off with a middleman
Riding the hood in a minivan
You ain′t gon' blow, guy, sit in the middle then
Free Crazy James, he been gone for like three
Tryin′ give him fifteen that mean he gotta sit for ten
Was gon' stand over a nigga and give him the clip but fo′nem told me he a little man
Ain't even worth it, I had seventeen
Coulda got half, I'ma give him a little then
Your boo a ho, he don′t go on no hit
Show him the scene, he gon′ sing like Represent

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