Huh Songtext
von G Herbo & Southside

Huh Songtext

Swervo (Swervo, you know what the fuck is up, 958, bitch)

Everybody think I'm rich now
Everybody think I'm a bitch, huh?
You don't think I'm still with that shit now
You think I'm scared to pull this bitch, huh?
You was really barely in that shit, huh?
You ain't never have to blow yo stick, huh?
You really tryna get to know that bitch, huh?
You know she be sniffing coke and shit, huh?
On the road and shit, huh?
Using most that shit, huh?
Always broke and shit, huh?
Never post that shit, huh?
I'ma die a gangsta
And you know that shit, huh?
Death before dishonor, nigga
And you know that's it, huh?

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