In My Room Songtext
von Frank Ocean

In My Room Songtext

No sleeper seats, that's a mattress
No sleeper seats, that's a mattress
You ain't stingy, split your tablets with me
You don't flinch when camera flashing, flashing
Not fake laidback, no it's natural
And I think you made for the life I lead

I'm not fake patient, I don't fake sick, huh
That kinda coffin don't need lean, rest in peace
Got this lust for life in me, yeah
Horny for the game, uh

First they kiss then they bite soft
Then that bitch wanna play it off, huh
Fuck it, I'm pretty still in a pit of snakes
While serpent shakes some brand new scales
I need a new face, I'm tired of these weirdos
Actin' farmiliar, took all the rock
And turned it to pop, he think that he Elvis
And he ungrateful, they don't say thank you
They don't say grace, not even for meals, not even for millions

Fuck it I'm pretty still, look at my deal
Richard Mille, look at my ears, flooded with diamonds
Look at my skills, running through blocks like 49ers
Forty-nine diamonds, stuffed in my bracelet
That cost a wop, that cost a whopper
And it ain't new, I had a knot at John Ehret in my locker
Pretty still, it ain't no pretty pill
It's either real or real
Real easy on the eyes, green like a soccer field
Skin hot, when they tried me, like them poppers feel
Hands shaking, norepinephrine levels, skyrocket fuel

Quit being violent with me (Yeah why, why?)
Quit being violent with me
Quit being violent with me
You make me violent

My room, my room, my room with me
Every night you were in my room
My room, my room with me
I guess I can't state my feelings too soon
I don't know you
And I can't put no threats in the air

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