Pray for Blood Songtext
von Fozzy

Pray for Blood Songtext

I don't want to wait for the rest of my life
to find my way out of the cold
There will come a time when the brave must rise
to fight the shadows that come for our souls

An epic battle
To decide the fate
A new world conquered
An entire race

Storm the war field
My brood sword in hand
Master impaler
My enemy damned

A killing deathblow
A warrior's blood flow
A ritual seed sown
I took your life, Now I eat your soul

Pray for blood
To the gods of war
To the blood feast of gore

A fallen hero
A pain unmatched
A butcher's crafting
Your head is detached

A life force swallowed
New strngth I yield
Raw power attained
Your wisdom my shield

The cry of the fallen
My blade will avenge
My spirit will guide me
To Valkyrie's revenge
The ultimate honor to die by my art
You will live forever when I taste your heart

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