Tunnel Vision Songtext
von For All I Am

Tunnel Vision Songtext

The best way out is getting through.
Light up your mind. Find your inside.
And you'll know what to do.
They say obey
Live your life in a routine then decay
They say obey
And take the job that you fucking hate.
No not today.
I won't sit in the back and let you navigate.
No not today.
I'm in the driver's seat going my own way.

This is your chance to grow a soul.
If money didn't exist, would you spend your life?
Ask yourself what makes you whole.

They say obey. No not today.
Break your ways, day to day.
If you want to make it in this day of age.

I feel all the energy that surrounds me.
I'm letting in everything that feels right inside.
Opening my state of mind.
State of mind.

Don't let them take away.
What you have the chance to create.
Pave your way before it's too late.
Ask yourself what makes you.

This is for all the days I've felt afraid.
For all the people who drove me insane.
For all the silence.

At one point, I almost didn't stay.
Now I am free.
Don't ever lose sight.
Gotta make things right.

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