Six Souls Songtext
von For All I Am

Six Souls Songtext

As I begin to drift away,
the Demons dance and they're here to stay.
Consumed by my own mind, with no self-control.
I'm losing it.
Black blood is pouring inside of me.
I made a plea with the devil
and now we're in harmony.
I'm knee deep in my own dark thoughts.
I've emerged from a world of dark.
I now call my home.

I stared straight into my eyes.
Telling myself that I'm scared to die.
Always scared to die.
All this time I thought I was learning how to live.
Telling myself that I'm scared to die.

But death is the only thing I'm so familiar with.
God held my hand, and the devil waited me to fall.
I've lost my mind. With no self control.
He has my soul.

I'm fucking losing it.

Why don't I pry your fucking mouth from your face?
Every word you say puts me in these haunting days
You tried to crack my ribs. Stomp on my heart.
But as you can see, I've been soulless from the start.

No soul.

Everything hurts but I still tend to smile.
I hold everything inside.
Holding onto vile feelings.
Incinerating my hope away.
Hope away

I'm fucking losing it.

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