Injustice Songtext
von For All I Am

Injustice Songtext

We've opened our eyes
To our world
Teach me how to live.
Open your eyes
How did we become so blind?
In our hearts, we begin to take this for granted. (We begin to lie.)
But with this... We don't know how to choose (The fine line between right or wrong)

And I grew in this world, and felt so alive.
And I was only told lies.
But I'm screaming out to all of the deprived.
It's time to cut these evil ties.

The rotation of our world is off balance, but we seem to stand our ground.
The answers of the aware has left our minds in despair,
So much told that you'll never see it coming.

Visions are what bring hate demise.
These actions were never thought twice.
The reality of guns and knives.
Never seemed so divine.

The world will never be the same, when it's the truth that we start to fear.

This world will never be the same,
Our conscious becomes so unclear. The people in our hearts sometimes they seem to have no heart.
Everyone in the world may become the hate that tears them apart.

Learn to live life from the start.
Never going to fear my own heart.

I've come to realize.
We will change the world one day at a time
We can change the world one day at a time
This is our destiny for mankind
Let this world finally shine.

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