Episode 5: The Humans Are Dead Songtext
von Flight of the Conchords

Episode 5: The Humans Are Dead Songtext

Both: The distant future
The distant future
J: It is the distant future
The year 2000

J: It is the distante future, the year 2000. The world is very different ever since the robot uprising of the late 90s. There have been some major changes.
B: We no longer say yes. Instead we say 'affirmative'.
J: Affirmative. That's true. I'm always saying it. It's more robotic sounding.
B: More futuristic.
J: I was just going to say I never say negative though instead of no. I just say no because when i say negative all the time it brings everyone down.
B: Affirmative.
J: I like affirmative.
B: Yea, it's much more positive.
J: What are some other differences?
B: Well, there's no more elephants.
J: Oh, right.
B: And there is one sort of dance, the robot
J: No, the robo-boogie as well.
B: Oh, true. There are two dances now.
J: The future is so different it's crazy.
Oh, yes. I just remembered. All human life has been erradicated.
Both: Finally, robotic beings rule the world.
The humans are dead
The humans are dead
We used poisonous gases
And we poisoned their asses
B: The humans are dead
J: It's right, they are dead
B: The humans are dead
J: I just noticed they're dead
B: It had to be done
J: I'll just confirm that they're dead
B: So that we could have fun
J: Affirmative. I poked one. It was dead.
Their system of oppression
What did it lead to?
Global robots depression.
Robots, robot people
They had so much aggression
That we just had to kill them,
Had to shut their systems down.
Fellow robots, or robros
What we have done is wrong
By destroying the humans
Because of their destructive capabalities and tendencies
We too have been, uh, it was kind of ironic
Who said that?
Not me.
Silence! Destroy him!
After time we grew strong,
Developed cognitive powers.
They made us work for too long
For unreasonable hours
Our programming determined that the most efficient answer was to shut their motherboard fucking systems down.
Can't we just talk to the humans?
A little understanding could make things better
Can't we talk to the humans and work together now?
No, because they are dead
I said the humans are dead
(It's right, they are dead)
The humans are dead
(Sniff this one)
We used poisonous gasses
(With traces of lead)
To poison their asses.
(Actually their lungs)
Binary solo:
Come on sucker, lick my battery
Boogie, boogie, boogie
Boogie, boogie, boogie
Once again without emotion: The humans are dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dooo

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