Mary, Nothing Above Thee Songtext
von Flatbush ZOMBiES

Mary, Nothing Above Thee Songtext

Atrocious the way I be toking, I′m loc'n
The green coming heavy
Sour deadly deadlier then hypothermia
Herniated discus
When I spit shit I go rip quick
Like an M6 catch me lifted in the astro planes
I done lane landed abandoned my brain psycho mane
Psycho sid sweet cindy infiltrate my brain
Trippy train I′m losing taste
Meet my fluffy pretty hair tasting so lovely nothing above thee
Swisher or the dutch rizzla papers is a must
Herb mofucka healing of the nation
Illegal in most states but I'm puffing till the days end
15 smoking sours out the jar
21 P's and O′s, excessively how we smoke
Say it ain′t so a rebel with a cause
I'm a black king gold grin eyes barely open
Realize you and I, the world is ours, do or die
Die walking dead I proved a lot
I loved you like I loved her when I fucked her with no rubber
Times is getting old but fuck it tho I blow it down I roll around
Head to the sky no limit to what we are
For what it′s worth you never let me down
You always keep me up, you're smelling so loud
Cured perfect, I love you
Mary Jane, marijuana
Zombie bitch, give me brain

Well I′ll be damned, I'll be damned, Aaliyah in her last movie
You only smoke that good shit, well tell my nigga touché
A zombie, infecting the world, soon enough I′ll have a whole army
A trillion miles up, way above the concrete
As I plummet, I wonder if anything in life can harm me
22 years ago I went from fetus to crawling now I'm godly
Jordan, OT at the Gardens, there's no way to guard me
Subliminal stick, stones break bones but none of that can harm me
I see the groupie in your eyes bitch you can′t charm me
Rubber, we ain′t lovers, we ain't close so you can′t harm me
Sorry I come off so harshly but
Part of me been torn apart since I was young, flat top, half moon and my Barkleys
Baby spark the weed, bring your heart to me for free
But your heart I don't want, your soul is what I need indeed
Increase the speed, increase the need, dees the weed
Hit the lighter, breathe and let it take your soul at ease
She love my schizophrenia, embraces every side of me
And even when I′m here wit' Jah, yeah she lay beside of me
Mary, Mary, Mary, oh Mary I like my bitches tattooed and tight
But I like you hairy, my infatuation turned to obsession
It′s kinda scary, I dare you to double dog dare me to let go of Mary
Shit, I will marry Mary and gladly pop that honeymoon cherry
Never loved a wounded bitch
Leave that for the veterinary, zombie gang

Damn girl I love you
Damn girl I love you
Damn girl I love you
Goddamn girl I love you

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