New Year’s Eve Songtext
von First Aid Kit

New Year’s Eve Songtext

Well it′s a new year
With it comes new hope and new fear
Met a young man who was in tears
He asked me what induces us to stay here
I said I don't know much
And I′m not lying
But I think you just have to keep on trying
And I know I am naïve
But if anything

That's what's going to save me
That′s what′s going to save me

Took a stroll around the neighborhood
Where the trees are swaying
People pass in cars with their windows down
With a pop song playing
A man walked by
Rocking back and forth the street
With a drunken smile to go along
He stopped to look at me and said

"Child, don't fear doing things wrong"
Yet I am still afraid
But if anything

That′s what's going to save me
That′s what's going to save me

Now I have a lot to learn and I′m starting tonight
Gotta stop looking at things like they're black and they're white
Gotta write more songs, love a little more, treat my friends better,
Gotta stop worrying about everything to the letter
And sometimes when it′s too hard to get on
It just might be you that I′ll come upon
But I find it hard to believe
But if anything

That's what′s going to save
That's what′s going to save me

Tell me tell me
Oh what's going to save me

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