Partners in Crime Songtext

Partners in Crime Songtext

I said "You look pretty"
All strung out on coke
You said "It's not funny"
But it wasn't a joke

And you won't remember
But I carried you home
You sat in the shower
While I washed off your clothes

But isn't that what friends are for
Even if we used to be more?
Like lovers or partners in crime

When you were still mine
You said "We should get out"
While we still could
And I should have listened
But I misunderstood

Thought you wanted me tighter
Started to chafe
But it's easy to see now
You just wanted me safe

And when the cops broke down our door
And held us both against our floor
Did we look like lovers or partners in crime?
Did you look like mine?

Or did we look like fools
Tryna get away with it all?
Thinkin' we'd be saved by a call
From each other
We were on the same boat

Didn't see you for ages
Didn't pick up your phone
Made it out of our cages
Never made it back home

I was late to the party
Of an old family friend
I was lookin' for parkin'
Thought I saw you again

Someone I've seen before
You couldn't look any more like a lover
Or a partner in crime
Or something of mine

I said "You look pretty"
All strung out on coke
You said "It's not funny"
But it wasn't a joke

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