Writing on the Wall Songtext
von Fergie Frederiksen

Writing on the Wall Songtext

I can't even see the storm clouds in the distance
But I sure can smell the rain
These blue skies are a cruel disguise
It's deja-vu, it's happening again
Rumours, cries and whispers rise, then disappear
And all your lies can't hide a kiss that's insincere
And though I've seen it all before it opens up your eyes

Scribbed like graffiti
Scrawled across my foolish heart
I can feel it in the dusty wind
Touch it in the dark
Chasing love is grabbing smoke
Dancing with the ghost that haunts these halls
I have seen the warning signs
I can guess you exit line
Scattered by the hand of fate
I can read, I can read, I can read
The writing on the wall
Now sometimes we confuse ourselves, delude ourselves
Thinking love is real
We spin the truth a thousand ways
Spend our days denying what we feel
Maybe there's a chance I'm the suspicious kind
Could it be my imagination working overtime
Look me in the eye tonight and prove it's my mind

Loved ones in my life are saying it's happening again
You're sleeping with the enemy pretending she's your friend
They can hear the warning shots
The victims of the fall
But after all the loving heart is blind
To the writing on the wall

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