Winding Roads Songtext
von Family and Friends

Winding Roads Songtext

Oh this vision does me good
Metamorphosis, changing my ways
Trade conviction for youth
Say, what's it mean, what's the purpose?
We're scratching the surface
Return to the dawn of an earlier age
Who am I, what's my name?
Does it even matter anyway?

Oh this urge serves me well
Compulsion, the universe contracts and folds in on itself
Doe, wide-eyed disbelief
Great divine mystery
Elusive truth, disguised in the breeze
Constantly changing, just to stay the same thing

Winding roads (wandering these)
Winding roads (seems all I've ever known)
Winding roads (guide me home)
Guide me home

Well the weight of the lies gave way to the truth
I don't care where I'm going babe, as long as I'm going there with you

Like a rolling stone
These howling winds keep blowing
Brother, rid your sorrows
Every obstacle, each crossroad,
Won't get you where you're going, babe
But they're going to get you where you need to go

Wandering roads, these highways, each byway
I find I've got nothing to lose
Every road, leads me back to you

Winding roads (wandering these)
Lives we chose (Seems all I've ever known)
This love we hold (in our hearts)
Guide me home

Take the long way home
Stumbling through the streets
While the city sleeps
And the moon hangs low
See the world through glazed eyes
Slurred words and stage lights
Won't change come sunrise
You're still waking up alone

I hear you calling
And I'll come running
Chasing down every color under the sun
Just to find those blue eyes
Those lips like a fine wine
Well I'd spend a lifetime living for your love

See the weight of the lies gave way to the truth
I don't care where I'm going babe
As long as I'm going there with you

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