Avenue Z Songtext
von Faith and Fire

Avenue Z Songtext

Got time to kill, money to burn.
& burn it will 'cause I just don't learn.
Gonna raise yer hand, drink yer health,
Gettin' ready for the night.
There's crazy Mary, crack-smokin' ho,
8-ball Ray & Puerto Rican Joe. How you doin'? Get in line
for the bathroom on the right!
Exiled to Brooklyn, What the hell am I doin' here?
An adopted son of Kensington drowning in my beer.
Walk with me to Avenue Z - imagine my surprise...
They've got the sand & the sea at Avenue Z -
You won't believe your eyes & I'm back again
Walk with me (There's a place I know)
to Avenue Z (where the freaks all go.)
you won't believe your eyes.
They've got the sand & the sea (Another night in hell,)
at Avenue Z (belly up in the wishing well.)
imagine my surprise, 'cause I'm back again
Well, well, well...
There's Ramon, better back him up
('cause) there's cross-eyed Liza with an empty cup
She seen him coming 'bout a mile away
& he doesn't stand a chance.
There's Doug & Ricky, don't they ever sleep?
Drugs liquor & women, that's way too deep,
but they're ready to roll 'cause they just got paid,
everybody gettin high.
San Juan up above me, got Bollywood below
got a sleeper cell across the hall;
don't ask me how I know...

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