Wooden Star Songtext
von Esben and the Witch

Wooden Star Songtext

Your eyes look heavy, let them fall, gain your strength
I′ll keep a vigil 'til Aurora calls from her bed
Rest your head, lie back and dream of finer things
My eyes are open to watch you sleep under the night′s wings

I'll see the sun sink beneath the line, the light dissolves
Plunged into darkness whilst the earth revolves
I'll tend the fire ′til everything burns and the ash it flies
A wooden star, ablaze in the dirt, in the eventide

In my house you will be safe, I′ll cover you
And I am here, I'm wide awake to see the night through

Wide awake

Lift your head, awake, the day will soon be here
A burning beacon in the sky has fast appeared
It brings a warmth, a hope, a welcome deity
Heralding a virgin light that summons us to leave

Although the dying sparks of flame are fading on the hearth
And clear skies bring in the cold, the heat is there in our hearts
Now the shadows have gone and fled and so the coast is clear
Safe from harm under the watchful eye of a glowing sphere

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