Press Heavenwards! Songtext
von Esben and the Witch

Press Heavenwards! Songtext

We slowly clomb,
This crowd of beasts.
A wild throng,
With homemade wings.

A golden rush
Of hopeful fiends,
With giant hearts
Set to redeem.

We mounted steps,
To take the sky.
To rise above
Horizon lines.

Across the plain
Came the brigade.
The glowing line,
A motorway.

The zenith beamed
Into sights,
The peak emitting
Blinding light.

Reach above,
Don′t stay below,
Let's look beyond
The flattened world.

The world is round.
The world is round.
The world is round.
The world is ours.

Unto the clouds
We sent our truths,
Metal birds that
Volleyed through.

The sky fatigued
Began to crack
And the rabble blasted
Through the gap.

Inside the walls
We thundered hard.
A rebel host,
Defying stars.

We clapped our hands,
We raised the roof
And the rabble roused
Performed a coup.

With vitriol
In growling throats,
We whirled our limbs
Like lightning bolts.

A burst of noise,
A searing flash,
The fire roared,
′Til all was ash.

This burning rock,
A meteor.
Its flying sparks,


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