It’s Not the Same Songtext
von England Dan & John Ford Coley

It’s Not the Same Songtext

Familiar surroundings
Echoes still sounding from the songs that played
While the island swayed
We moved like the ocean
With faith and devotion, then our love fell
And we both knew well
So I started walking
With whom I was talking
I'll never remember her name
As darkness was falling
I'd swear you were calling
I turned but it wasn't the same
I almost called out your name

The hours were unending
We seemed to be spending all those precious hours
Counting stars and flowers
Now you're returning
Just when I'm learning that we're not a pair
Though we both have cared
And I was reminded
By the times I was blinded
In hopes that you still would be there
Recounting our brief love
Was all I could think of
Maybe I'll find it somewhere
But at times it all seems so unfair

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