My Name Is Emmett Till Songtext
von Emmylou Harris

My Name Is Emmett Till Songtext

I was born a black boy
My name is Emmett Till
Walked this earth for 14 years, but one night I was killed.
I was speaking to a woman whose skin was white as dough
That's a sin in Mississippi
But how was I to know
I'd come down from Chicago to visit with my kin
Up there I was a cheeky kid; I guess I's always been
But the harm they put upon me was too hard for what I'd done
For I was just a black boy
I'd never hurt no one
They took me from my Uncle's house
Mose Wright was his name
He later standing without hesitation point the blame
At the ones who beat and cut me and shot me with a gun
Threw me in the river like i was trash and they were done
I was sent back to my mother, at least what was left of me
She left my casket open for the whole wide world to see

The awful desecration and the evidence of hate
You couldn't recognize me the mutalation was so great
There came a cry for justice
To be finally fufilled
All because of me a black boy
My name is Emmett Till
O but I'd have rather lived till I was too old to die young
Not miss all I left behind and all that might have come
Summer clouds above my head, grass beneath my feet
The warmth of a good woman
The kisses soft and sweet
Perhaps to be a father with a black boy of my own
Watch him grow into a kinder world than I had known
No child would be murdered for the color of his skin
And love would be the only thing inside the hearts of men
They say the horror of that night is haunting Heaven still
Where I am one more black boy, my name is Emmett Till

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