Dark Matter Songtext
von Emilie Nicolas

Dark Matter Songtext

What does it look like when you zoom out
Dark matter, dark matter
And you ask me to see what's bright
But I only see dark matter, dark matter

Zoom in
Let's forget we're surrendered in dark matter
We're the only ones
So our life can matter in dark matter

Well if there's no light at the ending
Except death itself, I should kill myself
If I kill myself
I never get to see if it was just a phase
And that I will send with a lighter, send with a lighter
Light up this tunnel and see if I get it
I wanna live but my heart's beatin' so heavy
Just beat it, be lighter
Just beat it, be lighter, light

Like em and show me
I know that you know me
I used to be with you, we used to be funny
We loved being happy, so proud and naive
Oh, we really believed that our life couldn't be all that bad
You know next year it won't be as mad
I would have fuckled
But I'm covered in ink
I would have fuckled
But I'm covered in ink

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