Feeling Traces Songtext
von Elwood cromwell

Feeling Traces Songtext

Smoking good weed yeah that good Buddha
Inhale that funk like its Roto rooter

For all you goofy goobers call me king Koopa
In the clouds smoking loud like a paratrooper

Look up in the sky it's a bird it's a plane
Nah it's me and I'm doing my thang

Bouncing rocking roller-skating smoking weed
And I'm feeling so great…

Back up on my paper chase
Got no time to waste so make no mistake


These are the breaks
This is for the real got no time for the fake

No stems no seeds that you don't need
Got me smoking on that hybrid yes indeed

When I'm off in my zone and I'm all alone
Put the pen to the paper write another song
Then I'm gone!

Heard it through the grapevine yeah it's time to shine
Spit a flow that's so cold yeah it's all mine

Time after time rhyme after rhyme
Folks transform like Optimus Prime

Consumed with lies why o' why
Dem haters wanna hate me yeah no lie

For every song I drop I'm so fly
On another level yeah I'm so high

Flows top notch get it jumping like hop scotch
Every rhyme that I drop best believe get props

Watch how I shake the equator my flow greater
Rose from the ashes call me the savior

Savor the flavor smoking on vapers
Rhymes as sharp as blades cut for tapers

Got me running this caper see ya later
Taking trips to Grenada seeing more paper…

The pain so real sometimes I feel the end draw closer
Trying to hold on these feelings that just keep taking over

So much going on… inside my brain driving me insane
Just trying to maintain…

Been around the world and feel it's all the same
Feel the struggle the stress not really seeing change

When it comes to this life we live now who the blame
Selling ourselves short for the fortune and fame…

My flows slick like Rick the ruler
Making moves on laptop computers

Connect the past, present the future
Close deals and seeing more mullah

Rolling the Lamborghini Centenario
Through the barrio where they hardly go

Got that Bob Marley flow take a toke
Leave you comatose overdose on the flow

I'm just getting started now
Get served up like Kung Pao

Krush grooves wit this wild style
Never come up short like Bow Wow

If you didn't know me then then you'll never know me now
Hold up…

On the rise to the top on my grind nonstop
Sho- Nuff…

Rolling in the coupe out to get some loot
Making more money is what we fixing to do

On another level yeah it's so true
Old school no school yeah we ditched school

Cut class broke rules and we made moves
On my hustle nonstop yeah refuse to lose

Hustle around the clock no time to snooze
Started at the bottom had to pay my dues

Now be owning everything…
Thangs done changed and thangs ain't the same

On my grind nonstop money be the blame
For the fortune and fame yeah off the chain

Go against the grain don't fuck with these lames
Sparking up a match watch it go up in flames

Killing off this track and showing no shame
Got some screws loose yeah I'm insane…

"The title M.C …means master of ceremonies
Some people nowadays don't know what that term means…"

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